LogixOne HR has over 20 specifically designed modules to make you life as a HR Manager easier.  And whats even better is that you can customise them or even create your own.


All of HR data in the one system.

The HR Manager is your central control HR system that allows the HR team and approved users single login access to ALL HR data from the one location.

  • Management Access Only.
  • Stores Employee, Office, Candidate, Vacancy, Contracts, Performance Reviews, Incidents, Master Schedule, etc.
  • Send emails, contract documents, SMS
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Set up roles and responsibilities.
  • Requires minimum of (1) licence.


Web-based & smart device employee access

Being connected to your employees is paramount, pushing information such as schedules directly to smart devices speeds up your work day and improves efficiency.  Allowing employees to submit leave requests, record attendance as well as complete other HR tasks means that the data and information flows seamlessly from HR to Employee to HR.  The employee access applications enable this with ease and whats even better is you can customise the portal to meet your companies unique HR requirements.

  • Per employee system access
  • Requires (1) licence per employee
  • Provides:
    • Shift scheduling
    • Attendance tracking
    • Leave application
    • Profile update
    • Performance reviews
    • Management access
      • HR Reporting
      • Staff shift scheduling
      • HR Map


GEO Locate your employees as required.

Companies now are not only global but they have many different working arrangements and locations.  For many companies being able to physical GEO locate employees is critical.

  • GEO locate employees (Requires LogixOne HR employee App)
  • Easily search by employee name and work status.
  • Relate’HR Map’ to: an Employee, Office, location, current status, etc.
  • Record ‘Work Status’ details such as: active, inactive and employees on leave etc.
  • Provision of MAP and Satellite view.
  • Display ‘Physical Location’ details such as: employee name, office, work status etc.


Fully Customizable Analytics Engine

The LogixOne HR advance analytics engine will enable you to meet all of your HR reporting requirements.  It is fully configurable and dynamically syncs HR data across multiple systems to provide you a single view of your business and employees.

  • Consolidates platform data
  • 100 % Customisable reports and dashboards
  • Share automated or periodic reports with both internal and external users.
  • Create predefined filters to simplify end of month reporting.
  • Export data simply by the click of a button.
  • Import data from external sources either by upload or api connection.


List Open Vacancies on Your Company Website

As a HR manager, searching for talent is a never ending process.  The careers module allows you to publish these roles to your careers website enabling candidates to apply online.

  • Published open vacancies on corporate website.
  • Allows candidates to apply for open vacancies, providing personnel data, CV’s, etc.
  • Code automatically generated within LogixOne HR Manager.
  • Assign budget details.


Manage multiple company locations.

Do you have multiple offices? You can manage these offices and associate employees to these offices allowing you to consolidate data based on different locations.

  • List company locations.
  • Create virtual offices
  • Relate offices to: Employees, Vacancies, Access Rights and Incidents.
  • Record office details such as; Address, Opening hours, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Create and Assign an Office Manager.
  • Attach other ‘office’ documents such as lease documentation, office reports, health and safety documents.


Manage all of your job vacancies.

Talent acquisition is always ‘front of mind’ for any HR Manager but managing multiple vacancies multiplied by 100’s of candidates is challenging.  The vacancies module consolidates ALL vacancy data into the one HR system.

  • Create vacancies.
  • Publish vacancies to corporate website
  • Relate vacancies to: offices, job positions.
  • Enlist candidate details.
  • Record vacancies details such as; title, location, positions available,status, salary etc.
  • Create and send emails.
  • Attach other ‘vacancy’ documents such as URL links, corporate website link.


Input and track candidate job applications.

A single open vacancy can have in some cases 100’s of employees apply, but storing all of that candidate data and manage the interview process is a challenging.  LogixOne HR Candidate module allows you to central store and access candidate data in the one location.

  • Store candidate data.
  • Enlist candidate details.
  • Relate a candidate to: Vacancy, Office and Job Positions.
  • Schedule and notify candidate interviews.
  • Convert a candidate into an employee.
  • Hold interview details such as Interview type, location, start and end time.
  • Create and send emails.
  • Record candidates details such as; candidate number, status, DOB, address, gender,  applied for etc.
  • Attach other ‘candidates’ documents such as CV, cover letter, Visa, police checks etc.


Centrally manage, update and communicate with employees seemesley.

Employee data and information for many companies is a real challenge to consolidate and update.  The LogixOne HR employee module combines your employee data in one location enabling you simple access from any browser.

  • Enlist employees details.
  • Store employees data.
  • Relate an employee to: Vacancy, Reference number, Office, Job Positions, job title, incidents
  • Create employee contracts.
  • Create employee meetings.
  • Create employee performance reviews.
  • Manage employee leave requests
  • Hold meetings details such as meeting type, Location, Start and End time
  • Record employee details such as; Employee name, Status, DOB, Address, Gender, Job title etc.
  • Create and send emails.
  • Allocate access rights to employee.
  • Attach other ’employee’ documents such as Employee Contracts, Reports etc.


Manage employee contracts using templates and automatic renewal.

Ensuring contract documents ar not only up to date with your companies legal obligations is paramount to reducing risk as is ensuring employees contract data is easy to update and renew.  LogixOne ‘contracts’ simplifies this process consolidating not only contract templates but contract data.

  • Create contracts.
  • Store contracts data.
  • Relate a contract to: an Employee, Office, Department, Job Positions.
  • Record contract details such as; contract number, status, job description, start and end date, salary, working hours etc.
  • Track external sources for calculating working hours.
  • Create and send emails.


Create shift codes that correspond to your company working conditions.

Shift codes enable you to break your working day into different shifts and then assign these to relevant employee and locations.

  • Create and manage shift Codes.
  • Assign a shift code with start time, end time and unique Color etc.
  • Define job at work.
  • Root of Scheduler Module or HR Reports Module.


Quickly create employee shifts and instantly update employees.

Busy businesses can often run multiple shifts and the employees than man these shifts can vary over time.  The LogixOne HR scheduler enables you and your managers to update shifts and insantanely push these to your employees.

  • Select Location, employee, date range.
  • Assign group of employees or individuals to shifts.
  • Multi update dates in one click.
  • Block schedule based on approved leave
  • Updates employees automatically by email and in app push notifications.


Centrally store and distribute documentation to your employees.

Manage your company and employee documentation has never been more important.  Ensuring employees have access to certain documents helps you meet your regulatory requirements.  LogixOne HR documents enables you to store HR documents safely but distribute these to relevant employees easily.

  • Associate and attach documents to any module such as employees.
  • Push employee documents to employee access portal.
  • Employees can access their documents from any device.


Manage attendance reports

Having access to employee attendance data is paramount to the successful HR manager.  LogixOne HR Reports enables the quick calculation of attendance from a number of different sources.

  • Create work schedule using shift codes.
  • Create and schedule Attendance reports.
  • Track an employee’s working hours.
  • Relate an ‘attendance report’ to: an employee, office, start and end date.
  • Record working hours and number of days
  • Import and export attendance reports, Work Schedule and time tracking reports.


Create ‘your’ leave profiles

Managing Leave is a complicated process, LogixOne HR makes this job easily and it starts with Leave profiles.  Leave profiles can vary from both paid and unpaid leave and allowance rates configured for each leave type.

  • Create Leave Profiles.
  • Relate a ‘Leave Profile’ to: an Employee, Office, leave type, contract type, Leave Status, number of days etc.
  • Record working days and hours before creating a leave.
  • Create and send emails.
  • Attach ‘Leave Profile’ documents such as sick leave certificate.


Simplify leave requests

Enabling employees to request leave via the employee access portal simplifies the leave approval process.  Leave can be requested based on the employee ‘contract’ type and processed through to the HR Manager where leave can be approved and added to the leave calendar.

  • Create paid or unpaid Leave requests.
  • Relate a ‘Leave Request’ to: an Employee, Office, Leave type, number of leaves, Leave Status, a validate reason etc.
  • Store all leave requests.
  • Record working days and hours before creating a leave.
  • Create and send leave requests and confirmations through emails.
  • Attach ‘Leave Request’ documents such as sick leave certificate.


Get ‘in-front’ of workplace incidents.

These days companies are under significant regulatory pressure to make sure they are providing a safe work-place for their employees to work.  Managing incidents as they happen is critical to not only making sure the workplace is safe but also helping the company continually process improvement.

  • Create and store incidents details.
  • Relate an incident to: an Employee, Office, Managers, incident status, etc.
  • Record ‘Incident’ details such as: date/time, Log type, severity, participants, brief and detail description  etc.
  • Create and send emails regarding incident scenario.
  • Create corrective actions.
  • Record ‘corrective action’ details such as: reason, current status, incident cause, date of creating and implementation.
  • Attach ‘Incident’ documents such incident pictures, incident severity reports.


Continually build the performance of your employees.

A companies employees enables their competitive advantage and as such employees need to constantly looking for ways to improve their own performance.  The LogixOne HR “reviews” module enables the HR Manager to distribute and manage employee reviews on a regular basis.

  • Record employee performance.
  • Relate a Review to: an Employee, Office, Review status, start and end date etc.
  • Record ‘reviews’ details such as: review objective, success criteria, outcomes, review schedule etc.
  • Provide additional support to employees.
  • Create and send emails regarding upcoming reviews.
  • Attach ‘Reviews’ documents such review reports.


Provide access to the right team members.

Employees have unique requirements when it comes to ‘who can see what’.  The Access Rights Module enables the HR manager to control which features and data employees are able to see both within the HR manager and the employee access portal.

  • Create HR Manager roles and profiles.
  • Create and assign Access Rights
  • Relate an access right to: an Employee, Office, access right status, etc.
  • Record ‘Access Right’ details such as: access right name, authority to view schedule, view reports and import attendance etc.
  • Create and send emails regarding any issues related to access rights.
  • Attach ‘Access right’ documents such authorization reports.


Create your very own custom modules.

HR requirements can differ from industry to industry and even business to business and many companies will have unique requirements for their HRMS.  Thats why from the ground up, LogixOne HR is full customisable.  You can create your very own custom modules to further help you create efficiencies from LogixOne HR

  • Create custom fields.
  • Create custom workflows and automation.
  • Create customised modules such as training modules, expense tracking, equipment logs and the like.
  • Integrate into other 3rd party systems such as accounting and finance solutions.