Centralised Contract Management

Easily create professional contract templates ensuring that all employee documentation and agreements meet legal and compliance obligations.

Send, Sign and Store

Quickly distribute individual employee contracts and receive signed documents to store in Employee HR profile.

Automate Contract Renewals

Efficiently manage renewal or amendments of employee contracts. Automate contract renewals or automation by tracking employee details such as “Join Date”, “Contract End Date”, “Contract Type”, etc.


Attendance Tracking

Remove messy paper based “time-sheets” and external hardware devices such as finger print scanners.  The LogixOne HR Employee Access App enables employees to simply click start and stop to record their shift times directly from their own mobile device.

Live Employee Mapping

See the LIVE status and location of your employees.  Search by individual employees or by location and status.

Simplified Timesheets

‌Simple access to employee time sheets at the click of the button.  Timesheets can be easily be exported to external applications such as automated finance systems.


Employee Shift Scheduling

Schedule and manage shifts in the one interactive platform that allows adding, editing, moving, rescheduling, group shifts, location-based shifts and availability options for smooth operations.

Remote Manager Access

Delegate shift scheduling to managers enabling them to create shift schedules and allocate these to their direct employees via the ’employee access web application’.

‌Employee Shift View

Ensure employees have access to their allocated shifts via the LogixOne employee access web and smart app.  Employees can easily view daily/monthly shifts as well as receive notifications on upcoming shifts.


Employee Leave

Manage employee leave within the one platform with leave profiles, calendars, history, policy compliance, leave trends, etc.

Leave Profiles

Create different leave profiles (sick leave, annual leave, leave without pay) and assign to each employee, based on the nature of work and location, type of contract, etc.

Leave Calendar

Track and plan the company’s leave by access to the teams’ leave calendar from multiple devices and locations.

Employee Leave Requests

Allow employees to create and submit ‘leave requests’ via the employee web or smart device application.

‌Control Access Rights

Manage and configure the access rights of your employees to the HRMS system, according to locations, departments or job designations.