Performance Reviews

Use performance review templates to provide feedback and reviews on work delivered by employees to keep them motivated to continuously improve their performance.

Objective Setting

Define clear Objectives as a fundamental starting point for any task.

Manager/Employee Commentary

Provide constructive commentary by managers on work and progress of employees, constantly aligning the team towards organizational goals.

Online Update & Portal Access

Continually update employee reviews, appraisals and ratings, which can be accessed and tracked by them.

Template Documentation

Make performance management simple and systematic by use of performance review and feedback templates. Customize these according to the needs of your company.

Awards & Recognition (Customizable)

Reward top performers and achievers with awards, certificates or other forms of performance recognition to create healthy competition and a culture of excellent work.

Custom Ratings (Customizable)

Customize ratings system according to the needs of your company to keep track of employee strengths and identify areas of improvement.

Performance Reporting (Customizable)

Create different types of reports for performance reviews, assessments, ratings or awards to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of employees, identify potential opportunities and make important HR decisions for strong business growth.

Advanced Analytics

Enhance performance management and reporting with advanced analytical features to help improve the understanding of the company’s overall performance and growth.