LogixOne HR simplifies the entire recruitment process from job posting to on-boarding so your company can focus more on acquiring the very best talent.


Company Careers Page

Create a well-structured and personalized Careers Page for your company – sharing your mission statement, objectives, work culture & values, and the type of talent being sought and allow potential candidates to apply and submit applications directly into LogixOne HR.

Create Job Openings

Create and post job openings to initiate the recruitment process of finding suitable candidates to fill required positions. Specify details such as job description, eligibility, qualifications, experience required and more.

Sort Candidates Quickly

Extensive customisation capabilities  allow LogixOne HR to setup your own hiring criteria to quickly sort the best candidates that match your hiring criteria reducing the time to hire substantially.


Job Descriptions

Post job descriptions for available positions, outlining the objectives, key tasks, qualifications required, core responsibilities and expectations.

Key Position Criteria

LogixOne HR collects candidate data from the word go so that this information can be quickly saved and re-created when converting a successful candidate to an employee.

Assign Contracts

Assign different types of contracts, such as full-time, part-time, contract, casual etc. for the selected candidates according to their role – specifying important obligations, employment details and conditions.


Candidate Information

Record and maintain important information on all candidates so that the recruitment process is accurate and well documented.

CV Upload

Track and manage the uploaded CVs of candidates and select those that match recruitment needs.


Acquire, store and manage the important documents of selected candidates and the recruitment process.


Interview Scheduling

Seamlessly schedule and conduct interviews and streamline communication between hiring managers and candidates – providing an improved candidate recruitment experience.

Add Tasks and Assign

The powerful standard modules within LogixOne and automation means that you can build automated workflows to not only improve collaboration but automate tasks for the entire hiring team,


Background Checks

Conduct reference checks on candidates’ previous employment, experiences and educational details and store this data within LogixOne HR for future reference.

Visa Checks

Conduct checks on candidates to check their Visa status and work rights and add it to their personal details – ensuring your company maintains a compliant workforce.

Onboarding Checklists

Complete any onboarding checklists to ensure new candidates are ready to perform from the word go.