The Tanamera Tale

Riding on the coattails of the booming agricultural sector of Indonesia, Tanamera Coffee has been at the forefront of the third wave coffee movement in the country for a little under a decade. Since its launch in 2013, Tanamera Coffee has spread the aroma of its coffee beans throughout Southeast Asia with over 30 stores and 200 employees – becoming one of the leading coffee manufacturers and cafe chains in the market. Tanamera works closely with farmers across the country and has for years prioritized transparency and clarity in their relationship with them. From the roasting process to the customer’s coffee table, Tanamera aims to deliver quality products and services.

HR Transformation with LogixOne HR

As several companies around the globe embraced technological advancements, Tanamera came to LogixOne for assistance in digitizing and streamlining their business operations, sales and marketing. Given its exponential growth over the last 5 years, Tanamera Coffee’s systems and processes to manage their 200 employees had outgrown the use of traditional tools such as paper based timesheets, Excel spreadsheets and WhatsApp for communication. They needed to digitize their entire employee management system.

Being an existing LogixOne customer, it made sense for Tanamera to consider the LogixOne HR module for all of their employee management operations. With its complex vertically integrated business structure, Tanamera adopted LogixOne HR to digitize its systems and processes to manage employees of all types whether part-time casuals or full-time head office staff.

Essentially, for companies like Tanamera, the ability to tailor or customize HR tools and solutions to meet their specific requirements is paramount but to implement such a solution with the bigger players and providers in the market would represent a significant cost.   The numerous ‘Out-of-the-box’ solutions were investigated but all meant Tanamera modifying their existing HR practices to meet the software’s needs and not Tanamera’s.  Hence, LogixOne HR bridged the gaps between Tanamera’s requirements and provided a solid combination of premium HR solutions, customization, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Tanamera Specific Requirements

01.Employee shift scheduling

Having some 250 part-time and full-time retail staff working across multiple cafe outlets was becoming a significant challenge for Tanamera store management. Previously, the company used traditional communication methods to notify their staff of any shifts and related changes. This was of course cumbersome and inaccurate and often caused errors such as shift doubling. Employees also often missed shift notifications and this would at times keep the cafe understaffed.

Tanamera Cafe therefore required a system that could enable shift scheduling based on individual cafe locations but in addition, store managers needed to be able to update shifts easily and efficiently and ensure employees were notified.

The Tanamera-LogixOne HR system enables shift scheduling on a per cafe location basis and the ability for store managers to modify shifts via a simple web browser. Shift updates are pushed to the LogixOneHR application that is loaded on the employee’s personal smart phone.

As a result, Tanamera store managers now operate within a well-oiled HR construct with LogixOne HR and shifts are more efficiently created and allocated to employees who are far less likely to miss shifts.

02.Time and attendance tracking

When your employee base is predominantly part-time or casual staff, tracking actual working hours is a significant challenge. Even though Tanamera had installed fingerprint scanning devices in some of its cafes, many other locations relied on employees completing paper-based timesheets which were often not completed on time and inaccurately. Also, fingerprint scanners quickly became inappropriate during the pandemic.

The LogixOne HR application installed on the employee’s personal device enables each employee to start and stop shifts thereby tracking not only the employee’s total work time but also their physical location using the LogixOne HR Map. The elimination of external time recording devices also catered massively to the safety and health standards that Tanamera prioritized in Covid-19 year.

The outcome of this was a reduction in employee wages given that employee time and attendance recording was now far more accurate, efficient and easy to track, record and access.

03.Employee mapping

Given Tanamera employees are scattered across substantial geographical locations makes it difficult for management to understand the physical location of every employee. LogixOne HR’s unique and revolutionary offering, the HR Employee Mapping, came to the rescue.

By utilizing the LogixOne employee access application’s ability to track individual employees geolocation means that within one single view, Tanamera management can view the status of all employees at a glance on multiple devices. This has enabled Tanamera to ensure that the staff are where they need to be and that if there is a discrepancy individuals can be notified quickly and efficiently.

04.Employee Contracts

Creating and maintaining employee contracts for such a large workforce has always been a challenge for Tanamera. Tracking and recording contract information such as the start date, contract type, pay rates etc. were traditionally done using programs such as Microsoft Excel and other platforms. Additionally, ensuring every employee is properly under contract meeting the company’s latest employee terms and conditions has also been a challenge.

Within LogixOne HR, each employee is assigned an individual contract that contains all of the necessary employee data. Contract templates are built in the platform so that the ability to create and renew employee contracts can be done at the click of a button. What’s more, advanced automation enables HR management to receive free warning on any contracts that are about to end enabling them ample opportunity to either renew or terminate the contract.

05.Leave Management

In a business such as Tanamera’s, employees depending on their contract and tenure often have different access to leave entitlements and any leave taken needs to be not only approved and tracked but also deducted from each employee’s outstandingly balance. Again. this has been predominantly managed and executed on Microsoft Excel.

The Tanamera – LogixOne HR leave system enables Tanamera to associate individual employees to different profiles and allows employees to request leave based on their allowances via the employee access Portal.

Any leave requests can be approved by management and once approved, the employee is notified, the leave calendar is updated and the leave is deducted from the employee sleep balance automatically. In addition, the employee is marked by the appropriate profile within the scheduling system ensuring that individual cannot be scheduled on the corresponding leave days.

06.Job Vacancies

In the grueling food and beverage market, staff turnover combined with a rapid addition of new stores means that companies such as Tanamera are essentially always recruiting. The challenges arising from the constant recruitment processes are plenty and a unified and streamlined system to keep up with it without any waste of energy or resources is crucial.

By leveraging the vacancies module with inside LogixOne HR, Tanamera can create job openings and assign these to their different locations. Vacancies are then published directly into the Tanamera careers page so that prospective candidates can efficiently apply and be tracked with inside LogixOne HR.

07.Performance Reviews

Providing excellent customer service is at the top of the list for Tanamera and has long been part of their mission statement. It is their unique selling proposition to ensure that their every employee exudes warmth and joy to every customer. Hence, beyond the quality of their products, the experience each customer observes within their retail stores and cafes is critical to their overall success as is the performance of their wholesale sales team.

Managing the performance of all employees be they retail staff or cafe staff can become complicated as the numbers grow. Without an efficient performance review system, productivity decreases or stagnates, customer dissatisfaction increases and employee accountability is diminished.

LogixOne HR system provides dynamic performance review features to Tanamera where they can allot various objectives or milestones for their employees to strive for and reward them accordingly. Additionally, store managers and employees can engage in constructive conversation in the commentary box about performance progress or any issues faced during the tasks. Employees track their performance reviews on the LogixOne HR App which encourages and motivates them to maintain optimal performance levels through all their tasks.

08.Incident Management

With over 30 stores spanning SouthEast Asia, Tanamera Coffee managers and senior level authorities have the difficult task of monitoring and remedying any incidents that arise during day-to-day operations. Various workplace incidents need to be reported as quickly and accurately as possible for the respective authorities to examine and advise further actions in accordance to the health and safety regulations of the company and government.

LogixOne HR’s comprehensive incident management solutions empowers Tanamera to have complete control over their workplace incidents. Tanamera employees can record incidents details such as nature, location, type of incident and more and upload images that can provide more clarity on the issue. Then, the related authorities are notified so they can investigate and respond with the necessary corrective actions and then track them until completion.

09.Payroll Calculation

Tanamera with its 250 employees of both casual and part-time arrangements across many countries requires an efficient payroll calculation system that is automated, easy to use and error free. LogixOne HR is the perfect payroll management solution for an organization like Tanamera as our payroll calculation module combines both time attendance and leaves to calculate the payroll of their employees.

Within the Tanamera -LogixOne HR Employee Web-portal and App routinely tracking attendance and leave of their staff and recording it directly into the HR platform, the payroll process for Tanamera is just one click of a button to calculate time worked and leave taken.


Each company’s scale, ambition, concepts, brand and technical requirements is unique and so is Tanamera’s and LogixOne recognizes that. LogixOne HR provides immense flexibility in its features so companies like Tanamera can curate their own version of LogixOne HR platform with features, designs and tools that they need for their HR practices. This includes complete customization of all HR features listed above and tailor-made applications. LogixOne HR’s flexibility gives our clients like Tanamera the feeling of owning the platform versus just using a third party software for their HR management.

What a Day Looks Like For Tanamera Employees using LogixOne HR.

A day in the life of Tanamera employees starts with them checking their shifts for the day on the Employee Web Portal or Employee App, once at work they begin their day by clicking ‘START’ within the Employee Access App thereby tracking not only their time but also their physical location.

Store managers can perform their duties of monitoring the performance of the staff, solving any workplace incidents and managing the team using LogixOne HR’s performance review, incident management and employee management modules respectively. They are also able to review future shifts and employee allocations to these shifts.

Additionally, if there is a requirement for new staff, then LogixOne HR’s talent acquisition module comes in handy. The HR team can post vacancies to the Tanamera careers page and seamlessly receive job applications from interested candidates and process them through Tanamera’s own onboarding processes.

Essentially, the workforce of all 30 stores of Tanamera now function seamlessly with the 250 employees well-engaged in the operations and senior level managers and authorities have full access and control with the help of LogixOne HR.

Reporting and especially payroll calculation has been significantly improved.

  1.  Time recording is more accurate as ALL employees are able to start and stop their shift from their own mobile device as opposed to completing ‘post’ work time sheets.
  2. Consolidating of attendance was a nightmare for Tanamera as they ran multiple systems that tracked employees time, from paper time sheets to finger print scanners.  With LogixOne HR ALL attendance data is combined into the one report along with any leave making payroll calculation a breeze.

Forward resource planning is improved as Tanamera HR management is now able to forward forecast their schedules and shift requirements enabling the talent acquisition team to be in front of Tanamera’s substantial growth plans.

The integration of the HR platform into Tanamera’s LogixOne ERP and CRM systems now means Tanamera Management has ONE platform to manage their entire business functions.  The system speeds up transaction times and  enables management to grow the business with the confidence and knowledge required to do so effectively.