Feature Description

1. Recruitment
Job Openings Create and post job openings to initiate the recruitment process for finding suitable candidates to fill needed positions. Specify details such as job description, eligibility, qualifications and experience required; and more.
Company Careers Page Create a well-structured and personalized Careers Page for your company – sharing your mission statement, work culture & values, and the type of talent being sought.
Job Descriptions Post job descriptions for available positions, outlining the objectives, key tasks, qualifications required, core responsibilities, and expectations.
Reference Checks Conduct reference checks on candidates’ previous employment and educational details
Visa Checks Conduct checks on your candidates to check their Visa status and work rights of your new employees and upload to their candidate profile.
Interview Scheduling Seamlessly schedule and conduct interviews and streamline the communication between hiring managers and candidates.
Approved Salary Set the approved salary for a role.
Candidate Information Record and maintain important information on all the candidates for the recruitment process to be accurate and well-informed.
Upload CV Track and manage the uploaded CV of candidates, including selecting those that match recruitment needs.
Documentation Acquire, store and manage important documents of selected candidates.
Assign Contracts Assign different contract types, such as full-time, part-time, contract, casual etc.  to the selected candidates according to the role – specifying important contract and employment details and conditions.
On-boarding Conduct comprehensive digital on-boarding that includes orientation, tours, introductions, work tools set-up and reviewing policies, code of conduct, task allocation, reporting structure, employee handbook, etc.
2. Employee Management
Contract Management Efficiently manage the creation, execution, renewal or amendments of the different types of contracts of all employees.  Automated templates and systematic digital documentation of contracts allows maximum operational performance. Automated contract reminders and approval notifications.
Time Recording/ Time Sheets Track and record the normal hours, overtime, breaks, holiday and sick leave  of employees by digitally enabling them to ‘start/stop’ shifts or tasks and record actual attendance.
External Time Recording Record the working hours of your employees and produce timesheets used for tracking and payroll reporting purposes by using external devices such as fingerprint scanners connected to LogixOne HR.
Leave Management Control leave management of all employees on one platform with leave profiles, calendars, history, policy compliance, leave trends, etc.
Shift Scheduling Schedule and manage shifts on one interactive platform that allows adding, editing, moving, rescheduling, group shifts, location-based shifts, availability options for smooth operations.
Leave Profile Assign different types of leave profiles (sick leave, casual leave, vacation leave, work from home, etc.) for each employee, based on the nature of work, location, type of contract, etc.
Contractor Management Create and manage contractor and sub-contractor agreements in terms of scope of work, deliverables, payments, invoices and more.
Leave Calendar Track and plan the organisation’s leave by access to the teams’ leave calendar from multiple devices and locations.
Document Management Centralise document store and attach on a ‘per’ employee documents to employee profile for viewing in employee access portal.
3. Employee Self Service
Employee Self-Service Android and IOS App Provide a multi-functional ‘customisable’ employee application that allows employees to manage various critical business activities such as tasks, shifts, attendance, leave, approvals, reporting, GEO Location tracking, field reporting, notifications and more.
Web-browser based Provide a multi-functional ‘customisable’ employee application that allows employees to manage various critical business activities such as tasks, shifts, attendance, leave, approvals, reporting, GEO Location tracking, field reporting, notifications and more.
Attendance Tracking Allow employees to “Start” and “Stop” shifts to record employee actual attendance.
Profile Management Allow employees to update all important details such as designation, contact info etc. and manage it on multiple devices from anywhere.
Geo-tracking Track and monitor the working hours and real-time location of your employees and communicate with them effectively – assisting in improving the management of the field staff’s out-of-office tasks and reporting.
Breaks Management Track, record and manage the breaks taken by employees in multiple locations using the Time Recording feature for breaks management.
Push Notifications Pre-scripted messages to employee app.
“Manual” push notifications Push manual notifications to employee app.
Employee App Customisation Customise app to meet customer specific requirements, eg additional checklists, forms etc.
3. Payroll Management/Integration
Payroll reporting By connection to the time recording App and external time recording devices, track and report the working hours of employees, ensuring that all are compensated accurately.
Automated Payroll Runs Customise and automate the payroll system to ensure timely and accurate pay runs, payslips, timesheets import and more.
4. Performance Management
Performance Reviews Use performance review templates to provide feedback and reviews on work delivered by employees to keep them motivated to continuously improve their performance.
Objective Setting Define clear Objectives as a fundamental starting point for any task.
Manager/Employee Commentary Provide constructive commentary by managers on work and progress of employees, constantly aligning the team towards organizational goals.
Online Update & Portal Access Continually update employee reviews, appraisals and ratings, which can be accessed and tracked by them.
Template Documentation Make performance management simple and systematic by use of performance review and feedback templates.  Customize these according to the needs of your company.
Performance Reporting Create different types of reports for the performance reviews, assessments, ratings or awards to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of employees, identify potential opportunities and make important HR decisions for business growth.
Advanced Analytics Enhance performance management and reporting with advanced analytical features to help improve the understanding of the company’s overall performance and growth.
5. Document Management
Centralised Document Store Upload documents to central document store for electronic storage and distribution.
Document Distribution Distribute documents based on employee individual requirements
Per record attachments Attach documents on a per record basis.
6. Incident Management
Log and Track Incidents Log and track workplace or field incidents, including the nature and type of the incident, when and where it happened, observations of the cause and immediate corrective action taken. Assign responsibility and timing for further corrective action
Upload Incident Images Upload supporting images to complement the details of the incident to better understand the nature and cause of the incident for more effective corrective action.
Notify Authorities Send messages, alerts or notifications to the respective authorities of the incident log and images, allowing them to direct decisions on necessary corrective actions.
Corrective Actions Communicate the corrective actions determined from the investigation of the incident to management and employees and track the completion of the corrective action.
Health & Safety Procedures Provide easy access to current health and safety and environmental control procedures.
7. Customization Customize HRMS Platform according to
your needs
Provide complete flexibility so that the Platform’s features that can be curated, tailored and scaled according to each organisation’s needs
8. Additional Features Set up Assistance from Consultants Provide comprehensive and complete set-up assistance of the LogixOne HR platform, including customization according to each company’s needs to make the installation and execution phase practical and painless.
SMS Integration Send and receive SMS messages from your employees and candidates and track this information within LogixOne HR.
Advanced Customisation Make LogixOne HR your own by advanced customisation. Create ‘unique’ modules that are designed to meet your business process.
3rd Party Integration Integrate LogixOne HR into 3rd party software applications such as SalesForce, Zoho, HubSpot, Xero, MYOB, etc.
ERP and CRM Leverage the power of LogixOne even further by enabling advanced ERP and CRM functionality.  See erp.logixone.cloud and crm.logixone.cloud