LogixOne HR and Zoho CRM

Being able to separate personal information of your employees and your normal CRM users is critical but many companies like to associate CRM records such as contacts and sales orders to employees. The zoho CRM extension enables you to connect basic employee data from LogixOne HR directly into zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM Integration

Automatic Synchronisation

Employee profiles can be automatically synchronised between LogixOne HR and Zoho CRM.

Employee data can only be modified within LogixOne HR personal Employee data is not visible to normal Zoho CRM uses.

View Shift Schedule

Employee shift schedules can be viewed directly within the LogixOne HR App.  Schedules are color coded and provide easy viewing from the employees own IOS or Android device.  Push notifications advising the employee of upcoming shifts.

View and Update Performance Reviews

Employees can update performance reviews within the employee access portal.  Adding comments, and confirm completion with the web-app removes the need for messy paper based or even pdf performance reviews.

Record Time Attendance

Enable employees to log time and attendance directly from the LogixOne employee access app and do away with antiquated paper based time sheets of fingerprint scanners.

Employees can also create task information detailing their activities.  Attendance detail can be easily reported using the LogixOne advanced analytics engine.

Leave Requests

Allow employees to apply for leave based on any associated leave profiles.  Employees can see any approved, rejected or ‘update-required’ leave directly from the mobile device as well as see any owning leave.

Create Employees Schedule

(Access Required) Managers are able to create and distribute employee shift codes without accessing the HR Manager.

View HR Map

(Access Required) Managers are able to view physical location of employees whether start or stopped shift.

Attendance Reporting

(Access Required)  Managers can access attendance reporting from either LogixOne HR access app or external time tracking devices.