Indonesia Pay Roll

Tax Roll Calculation for Indonesian Businesses

Tax calculation is an integral part of any good payroll system managed by the HR departments of Indonesian businesses. Running a tax compliant business in Indonesia includes corporate and individual income tax calculations, tax reporting and staying updated with government tax regulations, changes and incentives. No matter the nature, size or scale of your company, tax calculation can be complex and cumbersome without a reliable automated software that can do it for you periodically.

LogixOne HR offers streamlined solutions to all your tax obligations. Integrated seamlessly with our Payroll software, LogixOne HR’s tax calculations and reporting features ensure your tax obligations are routinely in accordance to government regulations.


  1. Automated and accurate calculation of PPh 21 (PKWT/PKWTT) on employee salaries according to applicable tax regulations using respective calculation methods such as gross, net, gross up, mix etc.
  2. Automated and accurate calculation of PPh 26 (?) (PKWT/PKWTT) for Foreign National Taxpayers according to applicable tax regulations.
  3. Changes in PTKP Rates – updated and adjusted calculations according to changes in government tax regulations.
  4. Calculation and reporting of BPJS (both types) and integration into payroll system and payslips.
  5. Automated tax deductions and reporting for bonuses and incentives paid to employees.
  6. 1721 A1 employee tax reports according to employee tenure for efficient tax reporting.
  7. Fully customizable in features, layout and configuration according to the needs of your business.